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William Shakespeare (61)
Mark Twain (54)
Oscar Wilde (41)
Albert Einstein (40)
Bertrand Russell (34)
Ralph Waldo Emerson (33)
Real Live Preacher (29)
George Bernard Shaw (28)
Aristotle (27)
Cicero (26)
Unknown (26)
Sir Winston Churchill (23)
Voltaire (22)
Lois McMaster Bujold (21)
Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider (20)
H. L. Mencken (19)
Samuel Johnson (19)
Oprah Winfrey (18)
Publilius Syrus (18)
Jane Austen (16)

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Brain test
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What this country needs is less public speaking and more private thinking.
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Work vs. Ass Kissing
Autor: Internet Rating: 2.90/5 voteaza: 1 2 3 4 5 Teme: Work Attitude Detalii

Science vs. Faith
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The 5 stages of the Capability Maturity Model are:
  • 1. Initial (processes are ad-hoc, chaotic, or actually few processes are defined)
  • 2. Repeatable (basic processes are established and there is a level of discipline to stick to these processes)
  • 3. Defined (all processes are defined, documented, standardized and integrated into each other)
  • 4. Managed (processes are measured by collecting detailed data on the processes and their Quality)
  • 5. Optimizing (continuous process improvement is adopted and in place by quantitative feedback and from piloting new ideas ands technologies)
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    10 ways to be more productive :
  • define your space
  • structure your time
  • outsource all you can
  • use technology to your advantage
  • group your errands
  • stay focused
  • beware of yappers
  • work with your moods
  • dress for success
  • break for your superiors
  • Autor: Internet Rating: 2.81/5 voteaza: 1 2 3 4 5 Teme: Efficiency Detalii

    Power And Torque Explained

    Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi
    85kW at 3700 rpm
    280/300 Nm at 1900 rpm

    Autor: Internet Rating: 2.88/5 voteaza: 1 2 3 4 5 Teme: Car Torque Detalii

    Follow these advises in order to get rid of pimples:
    1. Stop touching your face. See to that areas where you have acne aren't covered or irritated by shirt-collars or caps - especially not dirty such.
    2. Do not dry out the skin. Do not wash your skin with dehydrating anti-acne solutions. Such solutions cause the skin to produce more fat which in turns increases the risk of blocking the skin's pores.
    3. Wash your face with pure water only - do not use soap or alcohol based solutions. Do not rinse your face with cold water after shaving in order to "close the pores" - let them breathe instead.
    4. Do not shave yourself the wrong way. Shave in the same direction as the hairs grow. If you shave in the opposite direction you will cut off small pieces of the skin which is lifted up with the hairs. The sore skin will then probably get infected - it's far better with bristles than red pus-filled spots.
    5. Carefully squeeze pus-filled pimples. It's more likely that you will get worse scars from suppurations that are left to heal for themselves than from cleaned out "craters". Do use lots of disinfectants though and powder the wound with non-scented baby powder or similar in order to keep it dry and clean.
    6. Use a skin lotion which contains carbamide in order to keep your skin moisturized after you washed yourself. Carbamide tunes your skin's moisture balance in a natural way. Eventually you could mix in some weak cortisone-gel if your skin is irritated. Sunbathe. Adequate exposure to the sun helps the body to create vitamin D which is good for the immune system.
    7. Exercise and take a sauna. The skin needs to sweat - don't be afraid of that - in order to get clean in depth.
    Autor: Internet Rating: 2.97/5 voteaza: 1 2 3 4 5 Teme: Skin Detalii

    This exercise prevents the lens of the eye from getting stiff and exercises the small muscles inside the eye which shape the lens and thus help you focus on things you look at. Hold up your finger in front of you and focus on it. Move the finger towards you as close as you can get without loosing focus. Then look outside the window and focus on the horizon. Repeat a few times.
    Autor: Internet Rating: 2.93/5 voteaza: 1 2 3 4 5 Teme: Eyes Detalii

    This exercise is good for the muscles surrounding the eyeball. Look at something on the right in your field of vision. Keep your eyes on that object and turn your head to the left as far as possible without loosing sight of whatever you've choose to look at. Do the same thing but in reverse; fix your stare at something on the left and turn your head rightwards as far as you can. Repeat the procedure in all directions; up and down and in the four diagonal directions. Repeat the entire exercise a few times. The first times you perform this exercise you will probably experience some pain and perhaps even headache and nausea - but those symptoms will disappear in time and are signs that you really are in need of this exercise. But be careful.
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